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Our latest web-based Airport FIDS softare which runs on standard computers and operating systems. DiceFids.net also supports advertising slots, inserting either static or full motion video adverts between updates to allow the airport to generate revenue from prime advertising space. DiceFids.net has all the features you require from a modern aiport FIDS system, including:


  • User configurable displays for different departments and locations
  • Multi Monitor Support using our browser optimised for FIDS
  • Support for specialized devices, such as Airport LED boards
  • Emergency override message displays
  • Visual paging with built-in scheduler
  • Audio paging announcements
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Free text display pages across the Airport
  • Mixed advertisement and video
  • Timed sequencing for rolling displays
  • Flight scheduling tools
  • Handling Information, Passenger, Cargo etc
  • Interfacing User accounts packages
  • Full system and management reporting

DiceFids.net is available with a simple to manage public FIDS module. With flight information displays for arrivals and departures supporting carrier logos, multiple languages and full motion video advertising, the system provides everything needed for the smaller airport. For existing aiport FIDS installations, DiceFids.net provides many automatic updates through targeted gateways. Public information is treated with particular care to ensure you have full control over what is provided - and when.

DiceFids.net is available with a simple to manage public airport BIDS module. With Bag information displays for supporting large carrier logos, multiple languages and full motion video advertising, Single and multi line formats with control for individual roll-on and off display times. Bag carousel remote tug controllers, Industrial touch screen input display or Industrial keyboard terminal with LCD display. Allowing airport baggage handlers to manually update Bag displays

DiceFids.net is available with a simple to manage public airport GIDS module. With Gate information displays for supporting large carrier logos, multiple languages and full motion video advertising, Weather, Single and multi line formats with control for individual roll-on and off display times.

DiceFids.net is available with a simple to manage public TIDS module. With Ticket Desk information displays for supporting large carrier logos, multiple languages and full motion video advertising, Single and multi line formats with control for individual roll-on and off display times.

All airport users can benefit from DiceFids.net. It provides a common source of information for flight movement activity with real time links for systems such as SITA Type-B messaging, Airlines, FIDS and FCC air traffic control. Flight Data reporter for feeding external systems, Web sites, Accounts packages etc. Formats available in XML, HTML, CSV and TXT. Data can be collected or sent via FTP, HTML, Serial, Direct SQL transfer. Third party DiceFids.net information displays can be tailored in thousands of different ways for external users such as Information Desks and Airport Management companies. Architecture DiceFids.net is designed to operate non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with high resilience to failure of individual parts of the system. DiceFids.net is scalable enough to handle multiple airports as a common resource, whilst remaining flexible enough to be cost effective for a single airport installation.

Telephone Automatic Flight Information system. Display device page creator. Visual Display Paging Audio Announcements Broadcast Wireless Information System SMS Text/E-mail Flight Information, PhoneFlight® PDA/Cell-phone Data enter Devices. XML/HTML to Database Interface converter. Serial protocol to Database converter TC/IP socket to Database converter


Dice Rental FIDS

Rental of dicefids.net Mufids is an alternative to outright purchase of the system. For a single monthly cost the airport will receive a complete maintained Mufids system without all the hassle of purchasing and separate maintenance. We will provide a complete system with all software installed and ready to operate. The maintenance will provide cover for supplied hardware and any software upgrades. Rental contracts are for a minimum period of 12 months with a 3 month written cancellation policy.

  • No year by year maintenance contracts
  • No annual software licenses
  • Complete rental of hardware, excluding display monitors
  • Add or Deduct displays as required
  • All software upgrades included with the lease contract
  • 24/7 complete support of system and Airline interfaces

Display device computers (DDC) are supplied with dual screen monitor display capability allowing one unit to drive two monitors, Arrivals and Departures for instance. All hardware supplied is covered under ‘box and ship’ return Dice policy. We will provide service spares DDC’s on site for any faulty unit. The airport provides the display monitor and any installation of the display devices. If the server fails, the system will switch over to our remote secure server site, keeping the airport Mufids operational until the on-site server is repaired. Our Sales team is able to visit your airport to demonstrate and advise of the equipment necessary to obtain a complete Airports Mufids. Once a rental contract has been setup we will deliver and install the server and complete on-site operational training.

The maintenance will cover all hardware supplied, provide software upgrades where necessary. We liaise with the Airlines for automatic data feeds, or we can provide a 3rd party data source. We run a 24/7 help desk, to resolve any queries the Airport staff may have. The entire Airport requirement would be to provide adequate Internet connection, a local wired/Wi-Fi network and display monitors to suit the application.

DiceCloud - Cloud Fids


DiceCloud is a remote hosted, cloud-based Flight Information and Display System (FIDS). It uses Cloud services to make airport IT simple and reliable. DiceCloud provides flight information systems to small and medium sized Airports via a remote Web site.

  • Easy Setup
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • Use from any PC
  • Auto Backup

The concept of Dice Cloud is to provide complete Web FIDS solutions with built in 24/7 system maintenance and customer support, without the complications and expense of having on-site servers and data interfaces. All that is required from the Airport is a good solid Internet connection, display monitors and a PC running Windows.

The system license is per Airport, allowing additional displays at no extra cost. This gives the Airport freedom to install their preferred PC’s and displays. The system is provided as a rental and charged on a monthly basis.

We will provide the Web display templates and our unique Web browser, licensed for each Airport. This browser will remove all header and tool boxes associated with standard browsers, and a simple config file will allow you configure the X and Y position parameters of each display running on the PC.

DICE E-Ticket Systems

Let your customers print their own boarding passes and other e-tickets using our dedicated E-ticketing systems. We can provide a complete system including hardware or we can set up our eticket web software to run on your own PCs.


D.I.C.E. Systems for Hotels and Conference Centers

Provide your customers with up to the minute flight information from our real-time flight status system. We can provide updates via a LAN, internet or our high reliability radio link. We can provide complete hardware/software systems or install software on your IT equipment.

D.I.C.E. Radio FIDS

In areas within or outside of the airport terminal building where cabling is impractical or too costly our Radio FIDS (Flight Information Display System) is a proven solution.

The D.I.C.E System principally uses low-power radio transmissions to avoid the need for cabling although ‘mix and match’ systems can be designed allowing cable to be used for local terminals and radio to transmit to remote terminals.

Data is sent from the Host Server via a Front End Processor to a transmitter, located at a high point on the Airport Buildings, or Bus Station, or wherever a D.I.C.E System is in use. Low-power UHF radio signals are broadcast to D.I.C.E Digital Data Converters (DDCs), situated within a radius of 10-15 miles (15-25 km) of the transmitter and are then decoded into the formats displayed on the monitors or signboards. This range is subject to local topography and can only be confirmed after a full site survey.

The D.I.C.E DDC consists of a UHF Radio Modem, Data Decoder and Display Unit housed in a neat compact unit. The DDC is located remotely from the display monitor or sign, or in many instances within the enclosure of the display device. Receiving antennas for the incoming radio signals can be either a six inch aerial mounted on the display unit or a more complex beam arrangement hidden from view, in a roof space for example, depending on incoming signal strength and display unit location. All frequencies used by D.I.C.E are fully licensed by the FCC.

In the USA, D.I.C.E currently holds licences for, and operates remote Radio Fids in Orlando International Airport, Miami International, Jacksonville International and Tulsa Ok International Airport, where uniquely D.I.C.E have installed FIDS Displays to the Airports Customer Courtesy Transportation buses. In The United Kingdom D.I.C.E Holds Licences an operates remote FIDS at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester Airport where we work closely with BAA.

D.I.C.E. Bus Systems

Dice provide a range of Radio based display and control systems for buses.


D.I.C.E have provided a Bus Information Display System to the VOTRANS Transit Facility, Daytona Beach, Florida. The software provides databases for scheduled and active bus movements, which are updated by vehicle detectors and manual input, to control passenger display monitors and STOP/GO lights in the bus bays.


D.I.C.E have provided the Bus Information Display System software at two bus stations in Denver. At each location the BIDS software accepts data from a Westinghouse Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location System, converts it to a suitable format for its BIDS database, processes and sorts by station, gate, arrival/departure and other parameters before sending it, via RS485 LAN, to control gate signs, large LED display boards and clocks


D.I.C.E, through their USA Representative, was selected by Taltran to supply the replacement Bus Information Display System at their transfer Plaza in Tallahassee. The replacement system included redundant PC Servers, workstations; touch screen Video Monitors, automated/manual voice announcement sub-system, LED Display Boards, ultra-sonic vehicle detectors, and remote access. This completely integrated system is designed to be integrated with a system-wide vehicle location system in the future.